Customers' journeys are ever more fragmented across multiple devices, screens, awareness stages, advertising experiences and social influences.

How to chase and interface your audiences across these journeys, with an integrated perspective on their value and profitability?

Growth Marketing is a methodology that aims at scaling profitably your online exposure across multiple channels, by reducing waste in costs, customers frictions and whatever delays or prevent the successful journey of a user to the conversion that matters for you.

Thanks to years of experience in digital marketing, Supernova possesses a unique method to put one holistic framework around your sponsored and organic media mix, based on results, continued optimization and testing.

We understand and know how to leaverage, control and optimize the mutual synergies existing across multiple channels:


- Display/Programmatic/Content/Native Advertising

- Social Media Management (Paid & Organic)

- Social Intelligence

- Affiliate Marketing & MVAS Marketing

- Digital Out of Home Marketing

- Email Marketing & Automation

- Omnichannel Marketing

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